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With help of this course, you will learn how to bake a perfect sponge for cupcakes. But not just any cupcakes. You will also learn how to make 3 different fillings to turn the cupcakes into exclusive desserts. On top of that, you will decorate them to match the Halloween theme. The decoration of your Halloween cupcakes will be stunning but you will impress your guests with their special flavors even more.

ENG: Halloween cupcakes (recipe, video course)


Create delicious cupcakes for Halloween.

You will learn how to:

  • prepare a juicy and soft biscuit for cupcakes,
  • prepare the raspberry filling,
  • prepare peanut mousse with white chocolate,
  • prepare whipped dark chocolate ganache,
  • prepare whipped white chocolate ganache,
  • assemble cupcakes,
  • decorate cupcakes in a theme suitable for Halloween.

More about the course: https://learning.sweetart.si/courses/halloween-cupcakes

The price includes 22% tax.

ENG: Halloween cupcakes (recipe, video course)

ENG: Halloween cupcakes (recipe, video course)